Editorial and Pre-Publication Services—Optimized

Ebonye Gussine Wilkins

Ebonye Gussine Wilkins is a social justice writer, editor, media activist and the Chief Executive Officer of Inclusive Media Solutions LLC. Previously called “The Manuscript Doctor,” Ebonye specializes in copy editing and developmental editing using the Chicago Manual of Style. She is a fierce advocate for socially responsible media and inclusive editorial standards. Her online portfolio is a subset of the projects she has worked on during her career.

The Manuscript Doctor is now part of Inclusive Media Solutions LLC.

Inclusive Media Solutions LLC is an editorially centered company offering media and pre-publication products and services aimed at organizations, businesses, and entities that want to positively impact inclusion and representation in media. In this vein, we can polish your message through copy editing, layout, and design for print and web-based projects. If you want to delve deeper and solidify your core message, we have additional editorial services and products to help you.